Associations and Assessments

Q.        Did I elect to become a member of the homeowners association?

A.        No.  Membership is not optional; you accepted it when you accepted the deed to your property in Willow Creek.  Every property owner is automatically a member of the Homeowners Association and responsible for dues and to adhere to the Rules and Guidelines of Willow Creek HOA.


Q.        What are Deed Restrictions?

A.        All properties in Willow Creek are subject to rules which place restrictions on the deed to your property.  The rules and guidelines, “Rules and Guidelines” were designed by the Developer and updated by subsequent HOA Boards to preserve property values and to protect and maintain the quality of the neighborhood.  This complete document is available for review and download on this website.


Q.        What are the assessments used for?

A.        Willow Creek is responsible for maintaining all common areas including grass cutting, landscaping, storm water management.  The entrance way lighting bills and all aesthetics that help to enhance the value of our neighborhood are part of the expenditure.


Q.        Can assessments be paid over time?

A.        No. If there is an issue about the dues you may contact any board member to discuss.


Property Rights

Q.        Who is responsible for repairing the fence between my house and my neighbor’s house?

A.        The property owner that installed the fence is responsible for it's maintenance.


Q.        There is an easement on my property.  Is it my responsibility?

A.        Yes.  An easement is an area typically dedicated to current or future use by utilities.  While they guarantee ingress and egress by the utility company, they are still part of your property, and they must be maintained by the owner of the property without restricting availability to the utility company.


Community Services

Q.        There is a property, either vacant or occupied and the grass is out of control, what can I do?

A.         You may attempt to contact the occupant as a courtesy however, you can call Wicomico County, Mr. Matthews at 410-548-4860 and explain the situation.  They will make an assesment and cut the grass if they deem necessary.  

Q.        Who is responsible for drainage ditch concerns?

A.        Mowing and maintenance of the ditches is the responsibility of Willow Creek HOA and concerns can be directed to any board member.


Q.        Who is responsible for road maintenance, sign maintenance, and street sweeping?

A.        These are the responsibility of Wicomico County Roads Division (410) 548-4872 .


Q.        Who is responsible for entrance lights?

A.        Willow Creek HOA.

Q.        What can we do to control animals roaming loose?

A.        You can report loose animals or nuisance animals to Wicomico Humane Society found on our "Useful Contact Numbers" page.


Use Restrictions


Q.        Can Willow Creek HOA control vehicles parked in the streets?

A.        All the streets within Willow Creek Subdivision are owned by Wicomico County.  As such, there is no restriction against parking on the street, even overnight, based upon Wicomico County parking guidelines or unless county signs have been placed restricting parking. Willow Creek HOA does pursue well-documented long-term storage of vehicles in public view as a violation of deed restrictions and asks as a courtesy to your neighbors to refrain from parking on the street for more than 48hrs.